About Us

Erika Rosales photography is a wife and husband team-business and we are specialized in Maternity, Newborn, Cake Smash and kids photography

Miguel introduced me to the world of photography 16 years ago. 

We started as event photographers (wedding, quince, baptism and birthday party). 

9 years ago I began my journey as babies and kids photographer 

As a couple, we have been married for over 18 years, and throughout those years we have learned the importance of photography

Since I was little, I wanted to have a big family.

I love children. 

They have a special magic, “the easy way to be happy with not a lot of effort”

I started photography 19 years ago because of my full love for my daughter, I wanted to be by her side the whole time, photography gave me that opportunity. 

I remember on a wedding day a bride/mom dancing so happily with her son, since that day I knew I wanted to photograph those happy faces.

I decided to specialize in baby photography, attending workshops from the best in the industry. 

I think education in children's photography is important. 

I have the honor to be part of great workshops with four amazing photographers, Heidi Hope, Ana Brandt, Caralee Case and Claudia Aguilar. They are my mentors in newborn, maternity and cake smash photography

I have learned a lot from these four talented and inspiring photographers. Thanks to them, I feel more capable and prepared to work in maternity, newborns and babies.

Our goal is to create memories that will last forever. I want families to have a story to tell to their new generations, wake up every morning and see those pictures hanging on a wall or on a desk and get inspired to be happier and live together with your beloved ones.


About Our Photo Studio

We are located at 623 East 183 Street Bronx NY 104558

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