Hello Customers

This is Erika Rosales, I want to let you know about the Digital Images price change

This change will not affect if your gallery is still active.

However, there is an extra step to get old price.


I have improved in getting the most out of the photo sessions, with that came more work, have been taking more images, and this takes more time in retouching and getting the gallery online, this is the main reason I had to raise my prices.

Price Changed

$10 for one Digital Image now $15

$250 for all Digital Images now $350

Old pricing will be available while your gallery is active, after expired, will be applied new pricing.

You don’t have to worry IF-

If your session happened before, July 4, 2019 and your gallery still active you get old pricing while your gallery still active. After expired new pricing will be applied,

What happens if you already booked but your session hasn’t happened yet?

If you booked and made a deposit payment before, July 4, 2019, you will be given old pricing for 30 days after the session this means while you gallery still active.  After expired, will be applied new pricing.

So what is the EXTRA step?

You have to let me know if you are interested in digital images, I have to send out an invoice for that.

July 8, 2019