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Tips Before schedule your baby cake smash session

Cake smash sessions are a fun and memorable way to celebrate a baby’s first birthday. To ensure a successful session, you’ll want to consider factors such as vaccinations and teeth. Here are some tips:

  1. Schedule vaccinations wisely: Plan your baby’s 12-month vaccination schedule either after the cake smash session or at least 3 weeks before it. This timing allows your baby to fully recover from any potential discomfort or side effects associated with vaccinations. A comfortable and happy baby is more likely to enjoy the cake smash experience.

  1. Be mindful of teething: Recognize that teething can make babies cranky due to the itching and discomfort in their gums. When scheduling the cake smash session, try to choose a time when your baby is typically in a good mood and less fussy, such as during their alert and content periods of the day.

  1. Schedule the session around nap time: Choose a time of day when your baby is usually well-rested and in a good mood. This will make it easier to capture happy and playful moments during the cake smash.

  1. Cake introduction: In the days or weeks leading up to the cake smash session, introduce your baby to the cake gradually. You can start by offering tiny, age-appropriate bites of cake during regular meals or as a special treat. This can help them become accustomed to the taste and texture. By introducing your baby to cake in a gradual and playful manner, you can help them feel more at ease with the cake smash session

Dinosaur Cake Smash – The Bronx New York Baby Photographer

The moon Cake Smash – The Bronx New York Baby Photographer

Pumpkin Cake Smash – The Bronx New York Baby Photographer

Princess Cake Smash – The Bronx New York Baby Photographer